Fixing Mistakes

I'm a little late getting last weekends exploits, but here they are!
Oil Tube Installed

The Hogshead came back of without a fight. The Transmission popped right out too. Almost like we've done this before
Oil Tube Installed

We were able to snake the Inner oil tube in without needing to pull the block from the pan again.

Washer Pins and Mistakes

I got a little done this weekend..And Messed Up A lot!
The New Thrust washer Pins are installed. Here's a little tip, don't break your tap off when trying to remove the old pin! (it's a mistake that took 2.5 hours of drilling to learn )
Thrust Pin

Head Install

This weekend Started off with more Sand blasting. The Rear end is done!....
Head Installed
With the big dirty stuff cleaned up we focused back on the Engine. We got all of the valves adjusted. As well as the Z head installed.

To install the Head easily we set the engine back in the pan, temporarily. The Trans bands need relined before it get put back in the pan for good.

We played Beat the rain and got the Hogs head Painted a nice Ford blue.

Header, Intake Test Fit

Hello all,

Easy Breathing

We're working up some new Ideas, and reviewing some changes in Plans.... If it all Works out the Car will be done Quicker then originally planned, and with some "new" hardware We're still in the discussion and planning phase, as things work themselves out we'll let you know. For the most part the look of the car will be the same, it will just run better.

I've been out of town so we haven't made any big progress during the week, pretty normal.. but we did get this in, and I had to post up a quick teaser shot.

Progress Blocked

We were able to hone the rust rings from setting for 20 years with no head out of every cylinder but #1... The more we honed the bigger it got .

So now we have the engine out of the car, what is a builder to do??
Lizzy Engine out of the Car

We're going to Tear it down and have the cylinders bored out. But how big do you really want to go? Max is 60 right? so do we go for the full 60 or just go 20 or 30 over? (the bores are measuring stock right now).

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