True Fire and Coil box lid

Working toward the Engines first firing we got our Coil in the mail.
True Fire
Yes it's not an Original Coil. It's a True Fire, A microprocessor controlled ignition system. The Car didn't come with coils or even a coil box so we up graded a bit
The Coil needs a place to live so we also picked a used coil box on fleaby. When it came in the mail we found that the lid was full of pin holes. So I set to work welding them closed.

Lizzy The Start of a journey

My friend Bruce and I bought a 1926 Model T a few months ago and are planning to build a custom/hot rod/speedster? We are both big fans of MrModleT's car. Our goal is somthing like Clayton's car with a chopped top. This is my first time working on a Model T and Bruce's first restoration.

Here is a picture of the car from the "for sale" ad.

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