Like New Block

The engine block returned from the shop all clean with a nice flat deck, the cylinders bored .030 over, and the new stainless valves ground and seated. But it just looks boring. Time to mask it off and get ready for some color.
Bare Bathed Block

After 6 coats of "Old Ford" blue She looks like this
Masked Blue

A little peeling and ripping, you have a nice two tone effect going.

The Boys are Back

It's been a very busy Summer! We stopped working on the T for a bit to get the permanent electric installed in the garage...figured it would take a few weeks. well we're not nearly as fast as the pro's so it took us a few more weeks of (weekend work) to get it all in. But we've tried to make up for lost time .

The adapters that we had made to fit a Ford Model A rim to a Model T wood hub were completed (thanks Chad!)
Wheel Adapters

Axle is Back!

We were able to do a little more work on Lizzy this weekend. We flipped the spring perches and installed the shackles with extensions that Bruce made for us.
LF Shackles
RF Shackles

Looking a Little Rough After A Long Weekend

With the Axle, and the Engine/Transmission pulled Tin Lizzy is looking like it was a rough Saturday night with too many Trees in the way.

Sorry State

But that should be fixed up this weekend. As we'll be slipping the Axle back into place with the lowered spring.

Sad Face

Front Shackles and Engine Parts

I've got the The Hard part of the Standard length Shackles done. Now I just need to round the end on the Grinder. These are the same length as Stock shackles, just drilled to fit the grade 8 bolt. We're thinking about lengthening the shackles to lower the front a bit more. The First thought was another inch. But may go with adding 2" or 3". I think it will take getting the front end back on the car before we'll know for sure.

Stock Length Shackles

Spring Flip

We have sent the block out to the machine shop to assess the need to be bored out. We should hear back from them today.

While at Harbor Freight I saw their 6 ton press in the clearance bin. It was missing the blocks to position and aid in pressing items. I bought it for $40. It was something I wanted to try anyway, so it seemed like a good puchase.
The Mighty HF Press

Progress Blocked

We were able to hone the rust rings from setting for 20 years with no head out of every cylinder but #1... The more we honed the bigger it got .

So now we have the engine out of the car, what is a builder to do??
Lizzy Engine out of the Car

We're going to Tear it down and have the cylinders bored out. But how big do you really want to go? Max is 60 right? so do we go for the full 60 or just go 20 or 30 over? (the bores are measuring stock right now).


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