The Rear Deal

We've been making Progress over the Last few weeks but It's not been real Photogenic. We've done things like installing the Seals on the Engine. And Clean Greasy Rear end Parts. Oh, yeah We Cracked open the Rear End.

Rear Break Down
All the Parts there in looked in good condition.... They were just covered in Very old Very Rancid Grease/Oil/Mud. In reality the rear Diff should be full of 600W oil it's so thick some folks call it pour-able grease... Ours was more of a Mud mixed with Motor oil constancy.

Greasy Diff Gear

All the Parts, Bearings, Gears, Axles, and Eventually the Case will be dropped into the "pool" -A bucket full of Parts cleaning Fluid. To remove the 80years of crude that is on them. Once that's done we'll get this thing reassembled and back under the Car.

(Yes The Babbitt Thrust Washers will be replaced!)