Washer Pins and Mistakes

I got a little done this weekend..And Messed Up A lot!
The New Thrust washer Pins are installed. Here's a little tip, don't break your tap off when trying to remove the old pin! (it's a mistake that took 2.5 hours of drilling to learn )
Thrust Pin

So I was on a roll, and wanted to get the Engine buttoned up. So I fixed the few bad rivets we had on the trans bands and got the Hogs head to pan seal all siliconed up and the hogs head bolted down.
Hogs Head All Buttoned Up

That's about the Time I turned back to the work bench, moved a manual and a rag and found this.
Oil Tube
Yea, That's the inside Oil line....Outside the motor .
The Only saving grace is that I only have silicone on one side of the cork gasket and the bolts are not overly tight. So with a little luck and some delicate removal we should be able to save the gasket, once the silicone that's there is dry.
Needless to say... At this point I gave up for the day.