Case Mods

A few Case Mods that I've built.

What is this Place?

DogH2OMods is the Digital Home to a Slightly Crazy Builder of Custom Computer Cases, Odd Electrical Thingys, and the Occasional Car or car related Items.
To some this may seem like and odd mix. To him and his friends this is just normal. So take a look around spend some time looking, reading or just being confused by the Items contained here. You never know you might enjoy it!

Fixing Mistakes

I'm a little late getting last weekends exploits, but here they are!
Oil Tube Installed

The Hogshead came back of without a fight. The Transmission popped right out too. Almost like we've done this before
Oil Tube Installed

We were able to snake the Inner oil tube in without needing to pull the block from the pan again.

Washer Pins and Mistakes

I got a little done this weekend..And Messed Up A lot!
The New Thrust washer Pins are installed. Here's a little tip, don't break your tap off when trying to remove the old pin! (it's a mistake that took 2.5 hours of drilling to learn )
Thrust Pin

True Fire and Coil box lid

Working toward the Engines first firing we got our Coil in the mail.
True Fire
Yes it's not an Original Coil. It's a True Fire, A microprocessor controlled ignition system. The Car didn't come with coils or even a coil box so we up graded a bit
The Coil needs a place to live so we also picked a used coil box on fleaby. When it came in the mail we found that the lid was full of pin holes. So I set to work welding them closed.

New Trans Bands Installed

So it's been a while since the last update. And I wish that I had a much bigger, Flasher update to make up for lost time.... But I don't. Truth is that with the Holidays, Work, and other responsibilities (other folks busted wrecks) We've not had as much in the garage as we had hoped. We are also to the point where lots of things need to be painted now! problem is we live in Ohio, and it's winter here so they tell me. The temps have been crazy warm for winter, but still low for paint. With the garage only heated by "portable" propane heaters, it takes a bit longer.

The Rear Deal

We've been making Progress over the Last few weeks but It's not been real Photogenic. We've done things like installing the Seals on the Engine. And Clean Greasy Rear end Parts. Oh, yeah We Cracked open the Rear End.


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